Through It All

Shards of glass lay in a box on my front porch. Muddy paw prints marked the porch carpet and I noted what a mess it all was. No more window in the tall storm door. Broken pieces still laying on the carpet in the foyer. It is difficult to take in a big thing such as a million pieces of glass. I secretly thanked the Lord I hadn’t been there when our two 14 month old black lab mix puppies slammed into the glass for the last time. I thanked the Lord that my girls were not marred in anyway and somehow both dogs were unharmed as well. It was the beginning of February…our typically coldest month and nothing to stop the wind from getting to our front door…or through our front door. I began to assess life through this experience…I can’t hold anything together, my house is a mess, the dogs can’t be trained, the kids don’t listen…I felt like a failure.

At the end of February, I received bad news about a family member. I felt like God didn’t care about my prayers. I made a conscious choice to praise. The familiar lyrics: “through it all, through it all, my eyes are on You…through it all, through it all, it is well…through it all, through it all my eyes are on You, and it is well with me…it is well with my soul, it is well with my soul, it is well, it is well with my soul…” I could not control the flood of emotion and tears. He remembered me in the form of a coloring book. Yes, that is what I said…a coloring book. In bold print, Be Still and Know that I am God. I stared at the title and was touched that God would meet me in a hospital gift shop with my favorite scripture. I went about the rest of my day knowing God was going to take care of everything.

You probably think I could just wrap this story up right here with a bow. However, isn’t it just like Satan to come along and try to steal, kill, and destroy? After eating dinner at a restaurant, I returned to my car to find more broken glass in my life. The passenger window shattered and hanging jagged. My jaw dropped in disbelief as I started to process…glass all over the front seat of my car…my purse gone (I know, I know. I shouldn’t have left it on the front seat)…my gift shop treasure was gone. The thief did not get anything of monetary value but some sentimental and replaceable things. He stole scripture from notes on paper but not my heart.

Today, I sit in my car. It has a new window that has a barcode sticker and fingerprint smudges from the people who put it in its place (annoying my obsessive compulsive self). It has been a little over a week and my husband has cleaned the glass from my car. I have cleaned the glass from my car. I have re-cleaned glass from my car! I glance down and notice a shining piece of glass, edges sharp, glistening in the sun in my cup holder. I feel like I will be finding glass forever. I wondered if there was a lesson about glass and windows that God was trying to teach me. So I searched for the words in the Bible. I came across Daniel 6:10 (NLT).

“But when Daniel learned that the law had been signed, he went home and knelt down as usual in his upstairs room, with its windows open toward Jerusalem. He prayed three times a day, just as he had always done, giving thanks to his God.”

Daniel didn’t let circumstances come between him and his God. I know this lesson is important. God wants me to choose not to let circumstances come between me and Him. I am giving thanks for God’s provision and protection. I know His hand is over my life. I needed this reminder because sometimes things seem really bad, but in God’s hands, if I give it all to Him, it becomes something beautiful. Maybe the thief threw my “junk” away. Or maybe my notes and that coloring book were in the right place at the right time to meet a need that I can’t fathom. When I think to myself a bad thought about the thief and the inconveniences I have had to face regarding my car or the things I miss, I pray for him because his act was out of a desperation that only God can fill. No drug, no amount of money, no purse, no car, no coloring book…NOTHING can fill us like He can. So I am praising Him. Through it all.