Lessons I Learned from My Kids

When I was about to become a mommy for the first time, I knew my life was going to change forever. I have to say that my two little girls are the best gift that God has ever given to me. I thought that they were given to me so that I could raise them up in the Lord. I have to say that I really do try to be a godly mom but sometimes, I am definitely not the greatest role model.

I remember when my seven year old was just two. She didn’t talk much. I was really upset about a phone call and worried that a thief had stolen my identity. I was sitting at my dining room table weeping and I felt this baby hand on mine. She uttered a mumbling of words and then said “amen” loud and clear. I was amazed. I stared down at her and she looked up at me in genuine concern. She had prayed over me. I felt instant relief. I LEARNED TO PRAY FIRST ABOUT EVERYTHING.

When she was a few days shy of turning four, we had a second baby girl. I felt very anxious about how our first child would react. After all, she had full attention from everyone until now. When my parents brought her into the hospital room, she approached the swaddled little bundle and put a cross on her forehead. The cross is how my family always showed their trust in Jesus. My eyes welled with tears and I LEARNED THAT THE LITTLE THINGS I DO TO SHOW MY FAITH ARE CAUGHT. She knew just what to do. She caught my “God bless you”…she caught the cross on her forehead and she passed it on.

When she was five, she asked about what it means to be saved. I explained to her about accepting Jesus as her Savior and Him being in her heart. She said she wanted that and we prayed. I LEARNED THAT A YOUNG CHILD CAN EMBRACE GOD AND LEARN TO WALK WITH HIM. I know I still have the task to teach her and I love our talks.

Just a few months ago, she proclaimed that she was going to share Jesus with her friends. I LEARNED THAT TALKING TO PEOPLE ABOUT WHO JESUS IS, IS SIMPLER THAN I MAKE IT.

She asked her daddy, “what is a bay?” He said, “a place where you can catch fish…it has water like a pond.” She thought a moment and said, “No, I mean the kind like God is telling me to listen and He will give me what I want.” He said, “Oh, you mean obey…yes, listen to what God is telling you just like you listen to what mommy and daddy ask you to do.” I LEARNED THAT WHEN YOUR EARS ARE LISTENING, GOD SPEAKS TO YOU.

My littlest one has always been a singer. She is three now and still loves to sing. She loves when I sing to her. She listens and has been singing full lyrics since before her first birthday. She has always been outgoing, spunky, and a talker. She sings “Jesus Loves Me” and “Deep and Wide” to her baby dolls. She dances and sings “O Taste and See” and “Cast Your Burdens”. Just moments ago, I tucked her in and I heard her say “Goodnight God”. She is fascinated that God made her and loves her. I LEARNED TO BE FASCINATED THAT GOD MADE ME AND LOVES ME TOO.

Children are amazing gifts from God. I am so blessed and I am learning so many things from watching them grow. Time goes by so fast. They grow up so quickly. I am so happy and thankful that mine are growing up in Jesus.

Father God,

Thank you for giving me these two beautiful little girls. They have filled my heart with such joy. I want them to always chase after You and to love You with all their hearts. Hold them in your arms and keep them on Your path. I will always treasure the lessons that You have taught me through them. In Jesus’ holy name, Amen.

An Innate Struggle


For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23

Recently, I became very aware of my innate struggle…a fight within my heart…a daily problem of sin nature. It bothers me when people blame human nature for wrong doing but it is so true. I set my eyes on Christ and accept His new mercies over me each day. This does not stop negative thoughts about myself. It does not stop the choice I make to have a bad attitude or reaction toward others. It does not stop my memories of deeper sin. I wrestle with choices each day. What is of God and what is of the world? What is true and what is just me wanting/desiring something different? I realize that the sinful nature is in everyone, no one is exempt. I see that even though I am a Christian, sin is still a part of me. I do have the covering of grace. I am capable of living in the Spirit. I am capable of bearing the fruit of the Spirit. It is a choice. I began to research differences in sin…does God treat all sin equal? I saw that we struggle and God is going to judge each sin no matter how small…no matter how big. If we have accepted Jesus as our Savior, there is forgiveness and a gift of grace.

There are times when I struggle with my thoughts. I really feel bad about myself. Something that my pastor recently said helped me tremendously: “Satan seeks to tear you down. That is not of God. God seeks to build you up.” Satan seeks to keep you down so that you cannot be effective in God’s Kingdom.  It is also very possible to control our thoughts. We may not be able to control our circumstances or other people but the Bible says, We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. 2 Corinthians 10:5 I long to control my thoughts and make them obedient to Christ. I desire to be obedient. I desire to live out my faith. I think a misconception is that a Christian must be perfect and sinless because they follow Christ OR that because the Christian has Christ as a Savior, they can do whatever they want to and still be saved. I have found neither way to be true. I pray that people will see Christ in me but if I do not speak the testimony of what Christ has done for me and my life, what will they know? What will they see? The power of Jesus in my life is the fact that He died and conquered sin. He conquered what I have done and what I have yet to do. He knew everything I was going to do and He still loved me enough to pay my debt. He has won. He stands victorious and in Him we can be victorious too. This does not stop Satan from trying to trip me. Unfortunately, this does not stop me from losing sight of the One who saved me. However, the fact that He loves me and created me to be who I am for His purposes is enough. We should strive for His best, not ours. We should be about His will, not ours. For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God. 2 Corinthians 5:21